What are Zygomatic Implants? Zygomatic Implants represents the most advanced graftless technique. It is a deep personal problem suffering from tooth loss. Also, it does feel like a very uncomfortable experience to go through life without natural teeth. Thankfully, modern dentistry has evolved at a fast pace to give back to patients

Bone Grafting

The process of losing your teeth can be painful in many different ways. In all situations we can restore missing teeth with implants. Ageing, tooth infections, smoking, trauma and many other factors contribute to bone loss. Bone loss is a progressive degenerative clinical situation that dissolves the bone where implants should be anchored

Dental implants are often placed in a two stage procedure which requires multiple visits to the clinic. This fashion can take longer and can be more expensive. We offer dental implant solutions that are often more cost effective and less time consuming but your suitability for this treatment must first be assessed by one of our dentists.

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