What are Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic Implants represents the most advanced graftless technique. It is a deep personal problem suffering from tooth loss. Also, it does feel like a very uncomfortable experience to go through life without natural teeth. Thankfully, modern dentistry has evolved at a fast pace to give back to patients their quality of life.

Patients that suffer from missing teeth suffer from some degree of bone loss. Following teeth loss, severe bone loss may occur. In the upper jaw, there are several anatomical structures that may difficult straight forward implant placement. These “obstacles” are often the maxillary sinuses. They are hollow cavities that occupy the space between the cheek bone and the nose. These cavities carry out the function of heating the air when inhaling and also to make the skull lighter. When tooth loss occurs in the posterior upper jaw, either grafting or graftless techniques might be required in order to anchor implants. Patients choose among several onlay and inlay grafting surgeries or Zygomatic Implants. These techniques will give the patient, you, the choice among different ways of having your dental needs solved.


Zygomatic Implants is a alternative technique for all grafting procedures in the upper jaw, such as: sinus lifting and block grafting. The procedure involves anchoring implants in the cheek bone. These implants have been proven to provide a 97% success rate (Scientifical Study).

The average amount of implants used to secure a bridge is six. Some techniques have been developed to secure a bridge on four implants only. These implants can be either conventional implants, zygomatic implants, or a combination of conventional and zygomatic implants. The amount of implants is to be decided by the surgeon, and depends from patient to patient. In every case, Zygomatic Implants offer a fast, safe and comfortable way to give fixed teeth to patients in little time.

Zygomatic Implants are the most advanced and innovative solution ever developed for edentulous patients who need sinus lifting and/ or bone grafting. These implants give great stability for an implant bridge (teeth) that can be secured by means of screws. These bridges work as natural teeth and feel comfortable.

Prof. Branemark treated the first patient with zygomatic implants in 1989. In 2001, 11 years later he shared with the scientific community the results about zygomatic implants with almost 100% success rate with fixed prostheses. Since then many different techniques have been developed as well as different prosthetic approaches.

Zygomatic Implants allows patients to have their teeth back in a simple, predictable and safe way. Long-term results are guaranteed to patients that suffer from severe bone loss and poor fitting dentures. Often patients refer very little pain and discomfort and they all enjoy having their teeth done in so little time, compared to more invasive (grafting) techniques.

There is no need for the following anymore:

  • need for multiple surgeries
  • the discomfort for the patient and
  • the poor quality of life that patients undergo during long grafting procedures
  • 18 months from start to finish from grafting to implantation to fitting the bridge
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